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Many people think about buying a car for them, when they have enough money to buy it. But buying a car from anywhere is not a small piece of cake, it is a big challenge to buy a good car at the best price. The people have to search for cars in the showroom and other city showrooms at different prices and brands. Amit Jain understand the problem. To solve this problem Amit Jain started a company.

Now, from this company Amit Jain net worth is more that 2900 crore. He is one of the biggest billionaire in India. Amit Jain Net worth is from his company. His company name is Cardekho. Amit Jain is a IITian to solve the car’s problem, he started his company with his brother and with his company partner. 

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Amit Jain Net Worth

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Amit Jain Net Worth

In this post we are going to talk about what is the net worth of Amit Jain, what is the net worth of Namita Thapar and who is she, Amit Jain connection with shark tank. To know all about Amit Jain net worth stay with us in this post. His plan to start a company named as cardekho is successful. This client and all the website users were satisfied and now Cardekho company is one of the biggest car reviews companies.

Amit Jain net worth is now 2980 crore rupees due to this company. As an IITian Amit Jain was starting very laborious. He started this company with his company partner and his brother. The struggle played a good role in his success and now Amit Jain net worth collection is this because of struggle. 

Amit Jain Net Worth Overview 

Name  Amit Jain 
category  net worth
company name  cardekho 
profession  business man 
position  Co founder and CEO 
status  unmarried 


Amit Jain Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is a show in India is an Indian Hindi-language business reality television series. The Shark tank show airs on Sony Entertainment Television. The show is the Indian franchise of the American show Shark Tank. The show is very popular during the lockdown. The season one was ended. Now the season two is going on. But in this season. The one face includes ashmeer Grover not in. 

The Amit Jain shark tank is a program in which Amit Jain and ashmeer grover. After entertaining fans with the Shark Tank India one and this show get the show is all set to kickstart with season 2. The show is in finally season two due to high demand and TRP. This show is mainly popular by ashmeer Grover. The ashmeer Grover take a good and best review of any comp and judges it. They also gives many negative review of it. But it is also said the the truth is bitter. So, in bitter form the ashmeer Grover gives reviews. 

Amit Jain Net Worth
Amit Jain Net Worth


Amit Jain Biography 

If we talk about the biography of Amit jain then there is a huge to of struggle in amit jain net worth. His done his graduation in IIT. He was intelligent from his childhood. His age is now 45 years. His date of birth is 12th Sep 1977. And the Nationality  is Indian. He follow the Religion known as Hindu. And he is a business man due to his Profession. His Company Name is CarDekho. The Headquarter of the company cardekho is in Jaipur. 

His Position in his company cardekho is as CEO & CoFounder. if we talk about his family then His Family Mother is Homemaker. His Sibling is Anurag Jain and the Marital Status is Unmarried. His Company Brand Ambassador is Akshay Kumar. Who is one of the biggest superstar in Bollywood. 

Amit Jain Shark Tank Biography 

However the Amit Jain is also judge Of this show. And this show is popular due to both of them. The company shows the best features of any cars and the reviews of the cars. 

This app also shows the best price and different prices according to color, showroom etc. Amit Jain net worth, With every update this company is growing and it is one of the biggest multimillionaire companies in India. And they started a new company named as cardekho. Finally the company is successful. However, Amit Jain is the founder and co-founder of the Cardekho company.

Amit Jain Shark Tank Business 

While many are upset about Ashneer Grover not being a part of the new season, some are also curious to know everything about the new Shark Amit Jain, who replaced him. The show will go on-air in January 2023. We talk about Amit Jain shark tank. Back in 2006,he and his brother first started a company named GirnarSoft. This company continues to face many losses due to which they have to close this company. This is all about Amit Jain net worth. 

FAQs related to Amit Jain Net worth

What is the Amit Jain net worth?

Amit Jain net worth is 2980 crore

What is the main cause to create Amit Jain net worth high?

The main cause is is Amit Jain company cardekho of Amit jain net worth. 

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