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America first credit union is a top 10 credit union nationally serving the financial needs of families and businesses of all types since 1939. And it is counted in the categories of America’s largest, strongest and most progressive organizations. If we look at today, we find that America First has 120 such locations with the help of which America First Credit Union remains in eighth position in terms of assets in the United States. 

America First Credit Union

Talking about this organization, it has consistently been at the forefront of its technology adoption to enhance its experience and convenience. In fact, to make it clear to you here, it is dedicated to providing a wealth of services to its people, including online and mobile banking, mortgage investments, low-rate loans, smart savings programs, and a host of other lucrative products.

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America First Credit Union Routing Number

Talking about the assets of America First Credit Union, it currently holds the eighth position with assets of more than $ 16 billion. And with more than 12 million, it remains the fifth largest institution under the aegis of non-profit cooperative-related membership.

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America First Credit Union Login 2023 Overview 


Article Caption  America First Credit Union
Category  Finance
Industry Banking and Financial Services
Head office  Ogden , Yuta
Established on 1939
President and Ceo Thayne Shefar
Country USA 


How to Add With America’s first Federal Credit Union

  1. If you really want to join America First Federal Credit Union, then let us tell you that you can join America First Credit Union according to the following different easy sources.  
  2. You can get information under How to Add With America’s first Federal Credit Union by visiting the company’s official website, America  
  3. You can also find information by visiting the company’s Facebook account at first creditunion or its YouTube account at  
  4. You can also find complete information from the America First Credit Union Twitter account at  
  5. Or you can call directly at 1-800-999-3916.


America First Credit Union
America First Credit Union


America First Credit Union Address

It was founded on March 16, 1939, at the Hotel New House in Salt Lake City, Utah, by RD Hagen, a volunteer. He was among 59 people at the charter meeting of the Fort Douglas Civilian Employees Credit Union at that time. It was founded in a small office located in Fort Douglas Building 27 under the address America First Credit Union. 

One of the most unique features of America First is that it has had only 5 presidents or CEOs in 82 years, including Ray Hagen, James Dawson, Olin Craig, John B. Lund, and Thayne Safer. Thynan Schaefer Se is currently its CEO. America First’s service commission is intended to help individuals develop and maintain their financial well-being.

America First Credit Union Phone Number

The primary goal that comes to America First Credit Union’s mind when it comes to mobile offerings is keeping its members happy. It was this goal under America First Credit Union Phone Number that caught the attention of Bryce Mindrum, Mobile Services Manager at America First Credit Union. He was attracted to the way Helios gives America First Credit Union the ability to quickly port through its application to multiple platforms. 

It was considered a very bold move for America First Credit Union to offer this application on this type of structure. In contrast, American First Credit Union was using a waterfall development approach and programmers had to spend several months or so before implementing it,Used to make a long laundry list of changes over the years.

America First Credit Union Review 2023

As far as we talk about the membership of American First Credit Union, you can maintain your membership by opening a savings account here with as little as $1, that is, if we try to explain in detail, you will know That they also have a full suite of deposit products, mobile banking services, and a full suite of credit cards and loans, and Cut Union Deposit Accounts have very minimal fees, rates that are competitive with those for stock savings and money market accounts.

CD rates are competitive if we talk under America First Credit Union Review 2023.  Members have access to over 30,000 ATMs through the cooperative network.  And many accounts don’t require any monthly fees or minimum initial deposits.  In contrast, branches under America First Credit Union’s fault are limited to a few states in the western US, and rates on savings and money market accounts are not very competitive.

FAQs regarding America First Credit Union

What was the first credit union in America?

The first credit union in America was the St. Mary’s Co-operative Credit Association.

When was America First Credit Union founded?

America First credit Union was founded in 1939.

What does America First Credit Union do?

America First Credit Union’s mission is to provide members or owners with the highest quality personal financial services.

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