Alexander Graham Bell Biography, Facts, Inventions

As we all know that the telephone is invented by the famous scientist Alexander Graham Bell. He was one of the most intelligent people in his era, his whole life was dedicated to science and technology. He was also a great teacher who later on inspired a lot of students and encouraged people to study science. He also used to instruct deaf kids. In this article, we will tell you everything about Alexander Graham Bell Biography.

Alexander Graham Bell Biography

Learn and inspire by his life and inventions and then try to become a great person like him who did a lot for society and technology. You can read the Complete Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell in this article. One of the most influential people of his era, alexander graham bell made a lot of important contributions in the development of society, science, and technology. 

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Alexander Graham Bell Biography pdf

Very few people know that he was also a kind person who use to donate a lot of money, clothes, and food to poor people. He used to get a lot of love from his students and a lot of respect and recognition from scientist community. His most famous invention, Telephone changed the whole communication sector that boosted aur society 50 years faster. You can read the Complete Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell in this article.

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Alexander Graham Bell Biography Overview


Aspect Information
Full Name Alexander Graham Bell
Birth Date March 3, 1847
Birthplace Edinburgh, Scotland
Parents Alexander Melville Bell (father), Eliza Grace Symonds (mother)
Education Homeschooled by his father until age 10, studied anatomy and physiology at the University of Edinburgh
Spouse Mabel Gardiner Hubbard (married in 1877)
Category Biography
Children Elsie May Bell, Marian Hubbard Bell, Edward Bell, Robert Bell
Net Worth Estimated $1 million at the time of his death
Inventions Telephone, photophone, metal detector, early versions of the airplane, and other innovations
Legacy One of the most influential figures in the history of science and technology


Alexander Graham Bell Family

On 3rd march 1847, alexander graham bell took birth in Edinburgh Scotland. He was the middle child of his parent. He had one big brother and one smaller one. name of his father and mother was Alexander Melville Bell and Eliza Grace Symonds. Both his parents were born and brought up in England but shifted to Scotland just before the birth of Alexander Graham Bell.

His father was an intelligent man who was a college professor and use to teach deaf kids in his own invented unique way. Later on alexander graham bell also took interest in teaching deaf children. You can read Complete Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell in this article.


Alexander Graham Bell Biography
Alexander Graham Bell Biography


Alexander Graham Bell Education

Alexander Graham Bell taught everything from his father in his home until he turned 11 year old. From childhood, alexander was interested in art, science, and technology, and his father therefore also encouraged him to pursue a career in them.  He became an expert in anatomy and physiology after studying from the university of Edinburgh, but he didn’t completed his degree. He moved on to pursue achievements in other interests. You can read Complete Biography Of Alexander Graham Bell in this article.

Wife Of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander graham bell got a very beautiful wife who was also the biggest supporter of bell’s invention and all scientific and creative works. Name of his wife was Mabel Gardiner Hubbard. Alexander met Mabel in one deaf school where he used to teach and Mabel was a student. They both use to talk daily in Clark school for the deaf in Boston. They decide to become wife and husband in 1877.

Mabel was so much in love with bell that she use to do everything that can help alexanders personal and professional life. Mabel was suffering from progressive hearing loss, therefore she was a lot empathetic toward deaf people. She also became an active member of an organization that used to help deaf people. That organization was founded by Alexander Graham Bell. The name of that organization was Volta Bureau. Alexander Graham Bell Biography is one of the most inspiring life stories in this world.

Children Of Alexander Graham Bell

Mabel gave birth to 4 children of alexander graham bell. The name of those four children are as follows:

  1. Elsie may bell
  2. Marian Hubbard bell
  3. Edward bell
  4. robert bell

They were born after their father gained a lot of respect, love, fame, money, and influence by doing invention of Telephone. Hence they also grew in very healthy atmosphere. Alexander Graham Bell Biography is one of the most inspiring life story in this world.

Net worth of Alexander Graham Bell

At that time, alexander graham bell was considered as very rich man with an estimated net worth of more than one million dollar. He got all this wealth after opening the Bell telephone company. He opened that grand successful company inn 1877. Investors were showering a lot of love on alexander for multiplying their invested money. Alexander Graham Bell Biography is one of the most inspiring life stories in this world.

Inventions of Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander graham bell is mainly famous for invention of telephone but he has overall 18 patent inventions . All Inventions Of Alexander Graham Bell :

  1. Telephone
  2. Photophone
  3. Metal detector
  4. Graphophone
  5. Hydrofoil boat
  6. Multiple telegraph
  7. Audiometer
  8. Teaching the deaf
  9. Tetrahedral kite
  10. Visible speech

The other 8 patents were not inventions. They were improvements on already invented technology.

FAQs On Alexander Graham Bell Biography

Who was alexander graham bell’s wife?

Name of his wife was Mabel Gardiner Hubbard.

When did alexander graham bell born?

He born on 3rd march 1847.

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