Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023, Price, Company Profile, Latest News

Gautam Adani, who is the chairman of the Adani Group, is going to have an FPO of his company Adani Enterprises. The company claims that it is going to raise funds of about Rs 20,000 crore through its FPO. According to Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023, the company has decided that it is considering calling a gold meeting in Ahmedabad on November 25, 2022.

The company claims that it is considering raising funds through preferential allotments or public offering or both.  Is.  As far as we can tell, the FPO of Adani Enterprises will be the biggest FPO launched by any company in India. Let us tell you what is the future plan of the company through Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023, how the company is going to launch its fpo, etc. You will get many types of information here today.

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Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023

As the information is being received, as soon as the approval is received by the board of Adani Group, after that if the stock market sentiment remains better, that information is being expressed according to Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023 Adani Group’s FPO is in this  May release under the year 2022 2023.

If we talk about the shares included under Adani Enterprises, here we inform you that Adani Enterprises holds 15.59% of foreign investors and 6.46% of public shareholding and 1.27% for mutual funds. Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023 Life Insurance Corporation holds the majority shares of Adani Enterprises.

Adani enterprises fpo

We can consider FPO as a method through which listed companies use to bring changes in their equity by selling their shares to the public. The Adani enterprises fpo was raised by several players keeping in view the low number of public holders for some of the firms belonging to the Adani group.

Today you are going to know, under Adani enterprises fpo, you are going to get all the information related to Adani Enterprises APO date, price, and other company profile in this article. In fact, Adani Group’s Adani Enterprises APO worth Rs 20,000 crore has been approved by the board of Adani Enterprises investors, it was announced on Friday.

Adani Enterprises FPO Date
Adani Enterprises FPO Date


Gautam Adani firm

Regarding the stock markets, Gautam Adani firm informed that it will seek the permission of the Postal Board from the shareholders and the face value of each share in the subsequent public offering will be Re 1.

This would be the second attempt by the organization to extort money from the general public. The ipo that Adani Wilmar Company i.e. Gautam Adani firm had introduced about 3600 crore Indians and it was released in January.

Adani enterprises FPO Cost

The listing of Adani Enterprises was done on the stock exchange in 1994, according to Adani enterprises FPO Cost, during the corona period, the company had received multibagger returns to the shareholders.

Here let us tell you that the share price of Adani Enterprises under Adani enterprises FPO Cost on Wednesday Is trending at Rs.3942. If we talk about the time of lockdown, then on March 24, 2020, its share was stable at Rs 125. That means this stock has grown almost 30 times in 30 months.

That is, Adani enterprises FPO Cost has given 3000 percent return so far. About 1 year ago, the stock of Adani Enterprises was stable at ₹ 1700. Since then till now i.e. from 1 year ago till now this share has given more than 130% return.

Adani to raise Rs. 20000 crore in India’s biggest IPO

In the meeting held on November 22, Adani Enterprises was the first of the companies that the proposal to raise funds will be considered in the meeting which will be held on November 25. Adani to raise Rs. After passing the proposal of 20000 crore in India’s biggest IPO, now there is time left for the approval of the lions who are beating on it through postal ballot.

This issue of about 20000 crore rupees is going on, it is going to prove to be the biggest FPO in the history of IPO of the country through this FPO i.e. Adani to Raise Rs. 20000 crore in India’s biggest IPO According to this, it has broken the record of Yes Bank. Significantly, in July 2020, FPO of Rs 15000 crore was raised by Yes Bank. After which Adani Enterprises has made this record in its name.

FAQs related Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023

When was the fund raising meeting of Adani Enterprises concluded?

According to Adani Enterprises FPO Date 2023, the fund-raising meeting was held on 25 November 2022, while the idea of ​​this meeting was held on 22 November 2022.

How much rupees Adani Enterprises has raised for the FPO ?

The largest FPO in the history of the country has been shown by Adani Enterprises worth Rs 20,000 crore. Adani Enterprises has broken the record of largest FPO raised by Yes Bank in July 2020 of Rs 15000 crores.

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