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             As per G O (Rt)No. 3436/2017/LSGD Dated 27/10/2017, Govt sanctioned Orders to register the Special purpose vehicle IMPACT KERALA Ltd ( Investment in Municipalities and Panchayaths Asset creation for Transformation kerala Ltd) constituted to implement major infrastructure projects in Local Self Govt sector as a Private limited Company . The Company is registered with an initial authorized capital of Rs 1 Crore and paid up capital of Rs 10 lakhs.

The  following schemes are taken up for implemention in local self Governments with the financial assistance of KIIFB.

1.  Establishing of Modern Abattoirs (Rs.100 Cr)

2. Establishing of Modern  Crematoriums (Gas) (Rs.100 Cr.)

 3. Establishment of Modern markets (Rs.100 Cr)

 4. Building for new municipalities (Rs.100Cr)

 5. Establishing Septage Treatment Plants (Rs.150Cr.)

Orders obtained till date-




Creation of SPV        

GO (Rt) NO.3234/2017/LSGD dated  



Sanction to register

IMPACT  Kerala Ltd

GO (Rt) NO.3436/2017/LSGD dated  



A.S. for modern electronic Crematorium

GO (Rt) NO.3382/2017/LSGD dated  



A.S. for modern modified- as Gas Crematorium

GO (Rt) NO.3711/2017/LSGD dated  



A.S. for slaughter houses

GO (Rt) NO.3564/2017/LSGD dated  



Finance Department sanctioned fund to impact Kerala of Rs. 15 lakh

GO (Rt) NO.8920/2017/Fin dated  




Board of Directors

CHAIRMAN                          -Additional Chief Secretary to LSGD

Managing Director                  - Director of Urban Affairs

Directors of  the Company

v  Commissioner of Rural Development

v  Director of Panchayath

v Executive Director Suchitwa mission                                       

v  Chief Engineer ,LSGD

v Joint Secretary Finance Department

 Project Status Report

1. Establishing of modern Abattoirs ( Rs.100 Crore)

Ø Administrative sanction Accorded

Ø Project proposed in 14 Local Bodies

Ø DPR submitted for

v Kannur district Panchayath                (Rs.12.06 Cr.)

v Thiruvalla Municipality                     (Rs. 11.20 Cr.)

v Perinthalmanna Municipality             ( Rs.11.11Cr.)

v Palakkad Municipality                        ( Rs.9.47 Cr.)

v Nedumangad Municipality                 (Rs.2.39Cr.)

v Punalur Municipality                          (Rs. 8.9 Cr.)

Ø DPR for Kannur district panchayath,Thiruvalla, Perinthalmanna Municipalities are Approved by KIIFB and an amount of Rs.31.69 crore has been sanctioned.

Ø DPR for Palakkad, Nedumangad, Punalur Municipalities Technical   appraisal has been completed and returned  for clarification on 09.07.2018.

Ø Resubmitted to KIIFB on 19.07.2018

2.Establishing  modern Crematoriums ( Gas) (Rs.100 cr)

Ø Administrative sanction Accorded

Ø 12  DPR Submitted.

1)       Harippad Municipality                         -        65.00

2)       Kadamakkudi Grama Panchayath        -        104.70

3)        Pazhayannur Grama Panchayath         -        81.40

4)        Vallathol Nagar Grama Panchayath    -        126.72

5)         Thuvvur Grama Panchayath               -        103.90

6)          Moothedam Grama Panchayath         -        92.30

7)          Kunnamangalam Grama Panchayath -        89.30

8)          Panagad Grama Panchayath               -        84.00

9)          Perambra  Grama Panchayath            -        104.30

10)           Thariode Grama Panchayath              -        131.30

11)           Kalliasseri Grama Panchayath            -        86.00

12)           Ezhome Grama Panchayath                -        75.00



3.Establishment of Modern  Markets (Rs.100 Cr.)

Administrative Sanction not obtained

 4.Building for new Municipalities (Rs.100 Cr)

Ø Administrative Sanction not obtained

Ø DPR submitted for 4 Local Bodies

v Piravom municipality               -        3       crore

v Anthoor Municipality               -        10.31 crore

v Koothatukulam Municipality    -        6        crore

v Kannur Municipal Corporation          -        55.89 crore


5.Establishing  Septage units one in each District (Rs.150 Cr.)

Ø Administrative Sanction not obtained


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