Impact Kerala GOs

Circular No.106/2018/Fin Dated 18-11-.2018 :: Separate Bank Account for SPVs for maintaining Centage charges and Retention/deduction amount of Project payments - Instructions for strict compliance

G.O.(P) No. 158/2018/Fin Dated 05-10-2018 :: Escrow Mechanism for Transfer of funds to KIIFB and guidelines.

G.O(Ms) No.422/2016/Fin Dated 31-10-2016 :: Appointment of Independent Members - Orders Issued

G.O(Ms) No.363/16/Fin Dated 19-0-.2016 :: Appointment of Independent Members - Orders Issued

Order No.FA-2/40/2017/KIIFB Dated 15-04-2017 :: Constitution of Fund Trustee and Advisory Commission (FTAC)- Sanctioned - Orders issued.

CPE/214/2018/KIIFB Dated 17-03-2018 :: Guidelines for the submission of Work intimation reports to the Chief Project Examiner, Inspection Authority through KIIFB- Technical Inspection Monitoring System (K-TIMS) with reporting formats.

Circular No.FA-5/352/2018/KIIFB Dated 18.06.2018 :: KIIFB(Finance & Administration) - Submission of documents/details in the KIIFB portal for release of payment.

G.O.(Ms) No.69/2018/Fin Dated 24-02-2018 :: Procedures and Guidelines of KIIFB Projects - Modified - Orders Issued

G.O.(Rt) No.7601/2017/Fin Dated 10-10-2017 :: Appointment of Sri. S.J. Vijayadas to the post of Chief Project Examiner in Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) on contract basis - Sanctioned - Orders Issued.

G.O(P) No.11/2018/Fin Dated 18/01/2018 :: Centage Charges to SPVs for execution of KIIFB projects- Modified Orders.

Order No.1NS-1/160/2017/KIIFB Dated 22-12-2017 :: Guideline for Inspection Authority of Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board.

G.O.(Ms) No.333/2017/Fin Dated 16.07.2017 :: Tripartite Agreement to be signed amongst Special Purpose Vehicle (Executing Agency), Administrative Department and Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board

G.O.(Rt) No.9725/2017/Fin Dated 30-12-2017 :: Appointment of Dr.K.M Abraham CFA, IAS- Chief Executive Officer, Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board (KIIFB) - Ex-officio Secretary, Finance (Infrastructure) Department - Sanctioned - Orders Issued.

G.O.(Ms) No.306/2017/Fin Dated 22-06-2017 :: Tripartite Agreement among Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV), Public Agency and KIIFB - Procedure and Format - Sanctioned - Orders Issued.

G.O.(Ms) No.256/2017/Fin Dated 09.05.2017 ::  Nomination of Independent Members to Executive Committee- Sanctioned - Orders Issued.

G.O.(P) No. 61/2017/Fin. Dated 09-05-2017 :: Centage charges to SPVs for execution of KIIFB Projects - Sanctioned - Orders issued.

G.O.(Ms) No. 77/2017/Fin. Dated 14-02-2017 :: Approval of Organizational Structure and Staff Structure - Creation of Posts - Orders issued.

Order No.31/KIIFB/2016 dated 08.05.2017 :: Proceedings of the Fund Manager KIIFB for the Projects approved by General Body held on 07.11.2016 - Approval of first tranche of infrastructure projects for KIIFB funding- Sanctioned- Revised Orders issued.

G.O. (Rt) No. 5553/2016/GAD-Dated-25/08/2016  :: Appointment of Chief Executive Officer, Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board

G.O.(Ms) No. 315/2016/Fin. Dated 08-08-2016 :: Implementation Procedure for carrying out Infrastructure plans.

G.O.(P) No. 583/2014/Fin. Dated 29-12-2014 :: Measures for accessing financial markets for raising funds.

G.O.(P) No. 401/2014/Fin. Dated 19-09-2014 :: Constitution of a committee to suggest measures to access financial markets for raising funds



GO  Number




Appointment of Smt . R  Girija IAS , Director of Urban affairs as Managing Director of IMACT KERALA Ltd – Orders issued





 IMPACT  KERLA Ltd –   Release of Fund towards Share Capital Contribution – Sanction Accorded –  Orders issued



Nomination of new Directors into the Board of Directors of IMPACT KERALA Ltd



പാർട്ണർ കേരള മിഷന്റെ ആസ്തി ബാധ്യതകൾ   Impact Kerala Ltd നിക്ഷിപ്തമാക്കി പ്രവർത്തനം അവസാനിപ്പിച്ചു  കൊണ്ട് ഉത്തരവ്




LSGD-Impact Kerala- Articles of Assossiation and Memorandum  of Assossiation- Approved – Orders issued